Manifold Valves

If you are in the fluid based industry, the manifold valves are one of the most common industrial accessories you would be looking at all times. From regulating the pressure to helping in controlling the fluid, they have various purposes and form a huge part of the fluid industry. These valves usually come with so many configurations mainly 2-way fold, 3-way fold and a lot more. Aptek Instrumentation helps you by delivering the highest quality product at the lowest price but maintaining all the international standards. As manifold valve manufacturers, we have come a long way from being a small scale industry to have our own high tech infrastructure

Instrumentation Tube Fittings

Instrumentation tube fittings are used for stopping the leak and to make it leak-proof, for torque for seal in different instrumentation and many other reasons. We have been doing this for years, where we started as a small scale industry and now have become one of the leading manufacturers and instrumentation tube fittings exporter India. Our instrumentation tube fittings are used for process tube connections as well. Our products would help you in eliminating any kind of costly leakage of hazardous nature. We have been a part of this industry since 1995 and provide tailored help to all our customers because everyone is unique and important for


It is used for the insertion of a temperature-sensing element. If you are looking for Thermowells, then Aptek Instrumentation would be a perfect choice. These Thermowells provide for a pressure-tight attachment to a vessel. There are different kinds of Thermowells that you would come across mainly are threaded, socket weld, weld-in as well as flanged. Selecting the proper Thermowells material is of utmost importance. We help you by delivering the best there is. We started as a small company in 1995 and with time have steadily climbed to reach the top of the market ladder. And, now we are quite a big facility as Thermowells manufacturer in Gujarat is doing

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